Bianca Going To School #80


Today: L.A. project, computer lab, french conversation test

Lunch box: Home made “Farinata“, sliced carrots and fennel, home made coconut cookies, clementine, and water.

Listening now on Ipod touch : “Team” by Lorde

After school: Home work, physiotherapy.

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2 thoughts on “Bianca Going To School #80

  1. Hana Pegrimkova says:

    Farinata! Yum!! What physiotherapy? Don’t you guys wish you were in Tuscany on a winter like this?! I do. Or Florida? (Not me, although I do miss the warm water.) I was in NY yesterday, could not even enjoy the few free hours, my face was frozen! 🙂

    XOXO H&M



    • coco says:

      Hi,Hana! how are you? we miss you guys…any chance to see you down here long enough for having you over at least for a nice tuscanian meal? click on Farinata if you want to have a taste in the meanwhile (it takes you to my recipe blog) 🙂
      XO~coco…I’m starting to miss Miami … more snow tomorrow BASTA!


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